Sigma's new president Sandra C. Garmon Bibb always knew she wanted to be a nurse. Finding out at a young age that her name meant "helper of mankind" solidified the decision for her. Little did she know then how full circle it would all come as she put pen to paper to develop Sigma’s 2023-2025 organizational call to action.
How we can REPRESENT
Reflect: care of self, care of other, care of environments
  • Understand as much as we can about the many ways to get involved, and then contributing to the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals individually, within our chapters, at our organizations, or within our communities.
  •  Equip ourselves to develop, implement, and maintain strategies to improve our organization's work environment, by getting involved with Sigma’s healthy work environments initiatives.

Respect: cultivate cultural humility

  • Listen - Through an ongoing process of compassionate self-awareness, others awareness, self-evaluation, and self-critique.
  • Learn -With humility, grace, and a growth mindset, learn about others’ culture/cultural influences/identities but start with an examination of our own culture/cultural influences/identities.
  • Lead - Commit to a lifelong process of cultural humility; recognition of power dynamics and imbalances and a desire to fix those imbalances; and develop partnerships with people and groups who advocate for others.

Respond: champion contemporary practice

  • represent a group of influential nurse leaders, connected, empowered, and well-positioned to transform global healthcare and add value to the world.